Land & Title

We can provide everything from quick cursory checks, to ownership reports, and lease acquisitions.

Acquiring land during the oil and gas exploration process is an essential part of the industry, but it can also be one of the trickiest to navigate from an administrative and legal point of view.

Land and title services refer to the process of procuring land for oil and gas research and drilling. When you’ve tracked down a potential oil well you want to investigate, you’ll need to seek the permission of the landowner to start your exploration. Your business will have to make an agreement with that land owner, often involving a transaction of some kind. To get the best deal and to ensure all legal obligations are required, your best option is to use a team of land specialists.

If the correct care is not taken during the land and title analysis and acquisition stages, this can lead to major legal and structural issues in the future. That’s why it’s always so important to make sure you leave your land work to those who have dedicated their careers to getting every measurement and every consultation for land as accurate as they can be.

Our professional, knowledgeable and reliable roster of experience landmen can help with land and legal title acquisition no matter how large or how complex the land’s situation may be. They’ve got the in-depth expertise, developed over years of land appraisal, to tick all the boxes and to reach an agreement with any and all landowners quickly and without issue.

The land team we have on our side are made up of multi-faceted experts who between them cover all the crucial bases for a comprehensive land and title inspection and acquisition strategy. Land management, land inspection, title legality, leasing and abstractor services are all covered off by us, taking the complex and time-consuming process of land and title work off your hands and leaving you to focus on the important stuff.

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