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Oil & Gas Exploration


We use the latest and greatest technology to search for deposits of hydrocarbons that produce Oil & Gas.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Drilling backed by research and experience

Oil and gas exploration is all about opportunities.

Knowing how to find, and more importantly, how to profit from those opportunities is what we at Norwood Energy do best.

Our teams of oil and gas exploration experts pursue hydrocarbon ventures across the United States, prioritizing profits and higher yields above everything else. Through thorough planning and specialist insights, we almost always come up with a high-quality final well which maximises economic output and minimises risk.

Our process means any potential well we find always undergoes in-depth analysis and rigorous scientific testing to establish any downfalls before drilling even starts. We believe in due diligence, gaining a robust understanding of every venture, both for our own security and for that of our investors. We’ll look at basin history, competitor activity, recent discoveries and acreage capture estimates to compile reports for stakeholders to review – these reports will inform any decision we make going forward.

We develop the data from these reports through the latest oil and gas exploration technology as well as our 10 years’ experience in the industry, allowing us to home in on better prospects quicker and more effectively. It’s this focus on research that drives us to evolve with our exploration opportunities, keeping ahead of the competition with every venture.

Once we’ve established and set up operations at a viable well, our track record and our risk minimisation means we’ll almost always strike oil. But it’s the next steps where our experts come into their own. Our carefully perfected processes keep our dig sites economically fruitful for years to come. In a capital-focused industry like our own, having the ability to keep all focus on the bottom line is all important, and that’s what we’ll do with our wells through strategic monitoring and planning.

We have oil exploration projects set up in most of the popular basins in the USA, but our main focus currently is the Illinois Basin. Our work here has already produced results thanks to our intensive research and the fact that the barriers to setting up operations at the site are lower than most others. Our work in Illinois is based around growing our established holdings as long as the value outweighs the cost of the project, and once the well is no longer economically viable, we’ll move on to fresher pastures and better opportunities.

Sound good to you? If you’re looking to invest in the Oil and Gas industry, trust in us, the Oil and Gas drilling experts, backed by science, research and hard work.

Talk to us today by emailing grant@norwoodenergycorp.com and we’ll take you through how our oil and gas exploration works.