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Acquisitions & Divestitures


Let us help facilitate these transactions.

Any successful acquisition or divestiture project that provides dividends down the line is built on knowledge, network reach and business experience.

At Norwood Energy, we’ve created a team of handpicked acquisition and divestiture experts who know the oil and gas industry inside and out. They’ve spent their careers understanding every market fluctuation, watching every rise and every fall, and learning every trick in the book to keep on top of the game.

They’ll take the time to analyse the assets and other considerations for each acquisition and divestiture, delivering a tailored and structured approach that’ll be informed by their experience and the current market state. Past that, they’ve developed a network that stretches across the USA and beyond into the international arena, giving you that all-important visibility in your dealings to get you access to bigger and better markets. To keep everything we do honest and transparent, our dedicated team always works with collaboration in mind, keeping you updated with every move they make and every action they take.

So often when it comes to outsourcing the acquisitions and divestiture parts of your oil and gas business, you’ll pay on a contractual basis, meaning you could amass large fees from your acquisitions and divestiture team without ever getting any solid results. Our payment plan works a little differently. We operate on a results-only compensation strategy that sees you pay for results and admin, and nothing else.

Here’s a little more about how carry out our A&D work:

Acquisitions – We’ll work according to your insights and the key areas you specify. We’ll efficiently evaluate a comprehensive range of prospects in line with the metrics you provide and when a client is provided notice, we’ll organise networking events and meetings to ascertain their requirements for a smooth acquisitions process.

Divestitures – When working with divestitures in mind, we’ll package up your business interests and investments and prepare them for market. Our team’s reach is extensive and global – we can exponentially open up the market for what you have to offer. In bidding situations, we’ll always push for the best price, while keeping the divestiture process seamless and hiccup-free.

Think we can help you with your acquisitions and divestiture strategy? Talk to us today by emailing us at grant@norwoodenergycorp.com or by using our contact form. Contact us.