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Project Evaluations


Simple to complex oil & gas evaluations.

Having your projects and your drilling plans evaluated by an external firm can provide that all-important, bias-free insight into what’s going right, what’s going wrong and what can be improved.

When you invest in oil and gas, you’ll want to know that everything you do is designed to keep your oil wells and investments running at their optimum capacity. Getting your investments evaluated can provided a whole-of-market view so that you can tune-up your operations where they might be failing.

The world has changed how it thinks about statistics and the role they play in evaluating business operations. While before, much of the analysis would have been done manually, innovations in technology have brought us the ability to change how we think about processing data during evaluation. These days, smart data enables us to understand a lot more about the projects we evaluate, allowing us to approach different problems from all available angles with a bank of big data sets to back us up.

At Norwood Energy Corp, our evaluation service is based on data and expertise. We’ve invested in the latest smart data technologies to help us identify trends and patterns in your oil and gas processes, picking out areas to focus on to maximise profits, increase efficiency and minimise expenditure. We take that data and provide a comprehensive report to help you, your clients and your investors understand how to act on our findings.

Our evaluations are carried out to help you save time, resources and money in the long-run. Often, and for initial consultations, we’ll carry out the work for free, putting our experts on the task. They’ll work with you to get under the hood of your oil operations, keeping you informed on every development and every new finding.

For those looking to level up their gas and oil drilling game, a Norwood Energy Corp evaluation is the first step to making real waves in the industry.

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